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You Have A Refreshing Day Now!

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Image by Karsten Würth
You Have A Refreshing Day Now!

The idea for GIDDY UP first came about by taking a deeper look into society as a whole, and recognizing their need and essentially lack of focus, clarity, energy and immune support. After conducting a survey among numerous individuals from age 30 years plus, their team found that there is a considerable need for a healthier energy alternative that would not compromise one’s health. In questioning, they found 90% of individuals were interested in a product that would not only give a refreshing energy without a crash, but one that would last throughout the day all the while supplying essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for immune support. 

Putting all of their data together, their team realized that the best way to get the consumer what they needed was to create a vitamin drink with energy that is different from all the rest. What they came up with includes over 120 ingredients, essential vitamins, 72 trace minerals, 20+ antioxidants and real cellular energy. All of this was created to meet the daily needs of individuals with an active or busy lifestyle. 

GIDDY UP is a three ounce serving made for on-the-go, designed to take daily. It is also very unique in which it consists of three products in one bottle.  According to the people behind it, GIDDY UP is best described as “a healthy energy alternative, without compromising your health.” It is a vitamin drink that creates energy – not an energy drink or an energy shot. 

Cellular Energy✝︎ 
ATP Energy: Many of the nutritional ingredients that are in GIDDY UP provide a more natural cellular energy experience along with stamina. It is the nutritional fuel your body’s trillions of cells use to produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the cellular energy molecule. D-Ribose and CoQ10 are found in almost every living cell, it is what each cell depends upon to fuel its production of ATP, which in turn powers your entire body. 

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Thank you GIDDY UP
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